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…because sometimes you need to prove it.


What you need to know...about what you need to know.


We know you're bursting with great ideas, we'll help make them shine even brighter.


We know people. You know people. And we probably know some people you’d like to know.

Trendera Weekly

The Trendera Files Weekly Newsletter is an e-mail roundup of the 6 most vital things that are trending each week, keeping subscribers up to date on what to watch, download, click, and covet.

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Focus Groups

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, sometimes you just need a focus group. And we promise, we’ll find the best people out there from our global panel of Influencers.
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Ethnographies, Video Diaries, and More!

We are experts in innovative engagement with consumers, which means we know how to create conversations in unique environments that result in great insights.
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Bimonthly Surveys

We know that attitudes are changing faster than you can say Flappy Bird. So we need to keep up with the latest on what people are thinking and doing.
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Segmentation Studies

Lets get real. While we believe in trying to understand generations through societal factors, we also know you can’t generalize about millions of people. That’s where segmentation studies can come in.
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